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“My wife Janice and I have built log style house nine km’s from the nearest power source. To go on the grid was not an option! We knew that with technology now days we would be able to get all of the services that town people enjoy even this far out in the country.

For our power source we were put onto Brian through word of mouth. Because of our finances we knew that we could not afford a big flash five kilowatt system, so Brian talked us though our alternative options. First he suggested that we go with two power supplies for the house, one a 24 volt system to run our lights and sockets to charge smaller things like cell phones, the lights in the houses are all LED (also supplied by Brian) so use very little power and the other system would be 240 volts that run everything that a normal house would use, fridge, washing machine, microwave and vacuum cleaner.

As cost was a major factor Brian came up with this option, to install four 180 watt solar panels giving us 720 watts of charging power, these go to a charger/controller into six 12 volt deep cycle batteries wired up in series and parallel to give us 390Ah at 24v  which  in turn run a two kilowatt inverter.

We then run our LED lights direct from the batteries on 24v. At first we tried a 3 kilowatt inverter controller but it used too much power just to run it. Brian went out of his way to make sure that the system worked properly and was quick to rectify any teething problems.

I would go out of my way to recommend Brian’s services as working with him on our house I got to see a person that has a lot of knowledge about alternative power supplies and what he did not know he went out of his way to learn. Janice and I are very happy with our power system, thank you Brian.”

Bill and Janice Westwood